Top 6 no-code platforms to build with no coding

Thanks to nocode platforms, it is now increasingly easy to create your website or application without having to learn to program.

All you have to do is define what you want to achieve, go to an appropriate application, and voilĂ , your website comes to life.

The choice of your nocode service provider is therefore an important choice, which will condition the success of your future projects. Fortunately, these last years have seen the number of these platforms multiplying, making the choice sometimes slightly complex, considering the diversity of the possible options.

In this article, we will present a compilation of the best nocode tools discovered by our team, which will help you realize your next application.


The first application on our list is called Bubble ( . It is a popular platform for creating web applications. Their mantra: end the need to write code by hand to create a web application. It's a fairly flexible application, catering to many needs, especially if you have fairly advanced requirements, but will require a little time to get used to.


While Bubble focuses on creating applications, Webflow (Webflow) is the equivalent, but with a focus on writing websites. It is the first application on our list to meet this need. Just like Bubble, the application allows for fairly advanced customization needs.


If you still want to create a website, but prefer a much simpler option, don't hesitate to try Wix ( as well. This application works like Webflow, but with a simpler interface, and therefore more limited. Wix can be an ideal choice if you want to create a website for a specific need, such as a showcase site for a small business.


For websites with only one page, you have an even easier solution. It is the Carrd software ( ). This solution allows you to create easily nice one-page websites, which can be an interesting alternative to Wix, for instance for landing pages.


Fortunately, nocode platforms are not only applicable to application and website creation. Some platforms even allow you to improve or make more efficient websites, by offering automation solutions. The most famous player in this market is called Zapier (, and allows you to easily create automation flows to link several applications together, or to optimize your work.


The last application on the list is slightly different but deserves its place here. It is called Airtable ( This application, in comparison to the others, focuses more on data storage. If you need to store information (such as in response to a form), then Airtable is for you. It is an unstructured no-cloud database that is fully accessible from your web browser and has interesting automation capabilities.